Mum tells off son for not flushing the loo – but the cat is the true culprit

Archie, 13, initially got the blame for the unflushed poos in the loo (Picture: Triangle News)

When Nathalie, 46, kept finding the toilet unflushed in the mornings, she jumped to the obvious conclusion.

Assuming her son, Archie, 13, was the culprit, she gave him a lecture on why it was gross to leave a poo in the bowl.

But it turned out Archie had been framed.

One night when the family returned from a trip out, they turned on the lights and discovered the true non-flushing criminal: their five-year-old tabby cat, Rocket, who they caught squatting on the toilet and letting loose.

Nathalie, 46, of Sudbury, Suffolk, said: ‘In the morning I’d go in to use the loo and find it hadn’t been flushed.

‘I kept saying to Archie that he should flush the toilet when he went, but he kept saying: “Mum I haven’t used it”.

‘Then one night we came back and we could see Rocket squatting on top of the loo in the light from the hallway. It was clear he was going to the toilet.

‘I followed him one day and managed to get this video – it’s clear now that he uses the loo whenever he can.’

But it was Rocket all along (Picture: Triangle News)

Nathalie and husband Colin have three cats, all of whom have their own litter trays – but Rocket prefers to use the family bathroom.

‘What is crazy is I haven’t trained him at all,’ said Nathalie. ‘He’s always been obsessed with watching me go to the loo and being in the bathroom in general so maybe he’s just copied me.

‘Archie found it hilarious – he adores Rocket.’

Thankfully Archie hasn’t held Rocket’s antics against him (Picture: Triangle News)

The couple, who are property developers, now wish they could train their other cats to follow suit.

Maybe they can teach Rocket to flush – and put the seat down – next.

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Read More: Mum tells off son for not flushing the loo - but the cat is the true culprit

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