‘Please leash your dogs’: Denver dog missing after encounter with off-leash dog

DENVER (KDVR) — At the intersection of Montview Boulevard and Central Park Boulevard, “lost dog” flyers now line buildings and street poles. 

The focal point, a 12-year-old chihuahua mix named Ethel, was last seen last Wednesday. 

“I have left my front gate open for her every night, which I would not normally do, hoping she would find her way home, but no luck yet,” Erin Pauley said. 

Pauley said she was taking her Great Dane, Otis, to get a bath at the Autowash at Central Park, when Ethel ran away.

“I pulled up and opened my car door, and immediately a dog that was off leash ran up and attacked my Great Dane,” she said. “Out of fear, Ethel ran, and she’s been gone for 6 days now.”

Pauley said by the time she wrestled the other dog off of Otis, Ethel was nowhere to be found.

“I spent the next six hours searching the area for her, with no luck,” she said. 

Pauley is offering a reward for Ethel’s return, and hopes somebody knows where she is. 

“If she saw me, and you saw her reaction, you would realize how much she wanted to come home,” Pauley said.

She’s also hoping people think twice about leaving their dogs off leash in public places other than at the dog park.

“I am an animal lover and a dog lover, and I love nothing more than to see dogs off leash being dogs, but in the city, it’s completely unsafe,” she said. “So many bad things can happen, and now I’m missing my little girl because of this, so please keep your dogs on a leash.”

If you know where Ethel is, you can call/text Pauley at 303-484-8180, no questions asked. 

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