The 9 Best Websites to Find Tips as a Pet Owner

Pets need lots of love, as well as discipline and healthcare. Providing all of these can become overwhelming, but not with the right support, from people to sources of information.

The internet is full of both, thanks to online experts and their websites with tips for pet lovers. Here are nine of the most popular and reliable. You’ll find advice on behavior, training, breeds, nutrition, and more.

The Dodo Pet Owner Guides

The Dodo is everywhere, especially on social media. In addition to cute and inspiring videos and articles, the site offers guides for different pet owners.

Whether you have a puppy or senior cat, you can click through to endless lists of helpful posts. If you’re curious about your pet’s behavior or want to know how to bathe them without too much drama, The Dodo can help.

Combine its services with the best subscription boxes for your dog or cat, and you’ll have a delighted pet on your hands.

CesarsWay Website Dog Training Resources

If you’d rather go for a well-known source of information on dogs, Cesar Millan’s official website is a good place to turn to. You can read up on the dog whisperer and even sign onto a training course with him.

The fastest resource on CesarsWay, however, is its articles. You can browse through them all or look at specific categories, like dog psychology and care.

Alternatively, there’s a field where you can specify what you’re looking for, and the website produces relevant results. Above all, these are tips you can trust.

PetFix Club Website for Pet Lovers

You may want more out of your pet-loving website, not just tips. In that case, check out Petfix Club, courtesy of several animal experts, based in Ireland, wanting to create a friendly online space for all things pets.

Some features are free, but you’ll need a subscription for the rest. To begin with, you get plenty of articles, videos, and podcasts with advice for different animals, including rabbits, reptiles, birds, and fish.

Joining as a member gives you unlimited access to such content and lets you participate in discussion groups. You can even set up profiles and planners for your pets while shopping for supplies.

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If you live in Ireland, Petfix Club tells you about local services too, from groomers to kennels. Put simply, it’s a warm and very helpful online community.

PetMD Website for Pet Healthcare

Another multifunctional platform for pet owners is PetMD. It focuses more on animal healthcare and how you can provide it thanks to clear and insightful articles. It also deals with animals beyond cats and dogs.

You can expect other interesting posts too, involving news, alerts, recalls, dietary needs, and more. As for tools, you have access to a symptom checker, chocolate toxicity meter, and healthy weight meter.

You’re even put in touch with an online vet when needed. And all this is free.

Dogster Website for Dog Owners

If you just like learning about animals and gathering tips, keep a close eye on websites like Dogster. As the name suggests, this place is all about dogs.

Whatever you want to know, you’ll find an answer here. There are guides for first-time dog parents, as well as tutorials for making yummy snacks and fun costumes for your pet.

Then, there’s more in-depth content on keeping your dog healthy and dealing with emergencies. You’ll even find books and a photo contest on Dogster.

DogTime Website for Pet Lovers

DogTime also focuses on dogs and puts a range of interesting articles at your disposal. In addition to helping choose names, for example, the site offers reviews of pet products, from food to toys and furniture.

An extra feature to try out is the Dog Matchup. Basically, if you want to adopt, but don’t quite know what breed to go for or if you’re even ready, you can take a quiz on DogTime.

The results should enlighten you on what different dogs need, as well as the responsibility of welcoming one into your life. You’ll feel more confident when you go to a pet store or ethical sites to find dogs and puppies for sale.

Companion Animal Psychology Website for Pet Lovers

If you prefer smaller and more approachable websites, get to know Companion Animal Psychology. It’s run by Zazie Todd, Ph.D., an expert in animal behavior with books and years of experience to her name.

On her simple blog, she specifically talks about cats and dogs, offering reliable guides for different questions you might have about your pet. Each article is clear and in-depth, so you’re sure to find plenty of help for new and experienced owners.

Another feature that might interest you is the online book club. To join, you need to subscribe to Companion Animal Psychology. Then, you and fellow animal lovers get to discuss a selection of books related to your favorite topic.

Cuteness Website for Pet Lovers

Cuteness is a website for easy reading. You can go in and browse various articles for animal lovers, including funny stories and photos, product and training ideas, and advice on pet myths and behaviors.

It’s an amusing and informative way to pass the time, perfect for work breaks or moments of leisure. The simple user-friendliness of Cuteness makes it one of the best resources for knowledge related to animals.

Animals Home Website for Pet Lovers

Here’s an even more straightforward site to spend time on, learning facts upon facts about animals. You’ll come across articles on all kinds of topics, not just taking care of your house pet.

For example, if you’re also curious about farm animals, wildlife, and sea creatures, you’ll enjoy reading what Animals Home has to offer. Like…

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